Spiritual Update

1 8 November  2023

Things star moving

When I met Sylvia Browne, she said that the chain of volcanoes and the internal magma would ignite when Mount Etna became active. 

Director's Comments

October 2023


Comments from our director Samuel Joseph Bell.

VAST NEWS: Why are they coming out of a volcano now?

Updates with Fernando


June 2023

Responsibility in the knowledge of new technologies found in the use of crystals.

Thanks to @ElenaDanaan and her connection with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, @dreamhillresearch has been able to have direct contact with Thore Han and Jen Han who have contributed to his study and knowledge in working with crystals. Love and consciousness are the basic pillars of the action of a crystal in different dimensions. The correct use and the correct intentions are the gasoline of evolution.  

Elena Danaan

22 march 2023

Galactic Federation of Worlds Emmissary Elena Danaan examines seeded consciousness technologies

Elena Danaan graduated in Fine Arts in Paris and completed a Post-Grad in Archeology at the Louvre University. She worked as a field Archaeologist for twenty years, among which eight years in Egypt as an engineer epigraphist for the CNRS (Karnak, Luxor, Cairo, Dendera, and Valley of the Kings) before returning to France, assigned to the University of Toulouse. Completing studies in Druidry, Shamanism, energy, and sound healing, she is the emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds.  

Bell Intell

Web Series

With the special collaboration of Elena Danaan

"Samuel Bell is a spiritual Explorer and generous storyteller."

David A. Kaiser, Kaiser Neuromap Institute, develops normative EEG and DNT  neurofeedback protocols. 

Directly in front of you now is a powerful conscious tool to know yourself and your L POWER of love. Enjoying this initial season brings your surface consciousness to a profoundly touching meditation spot. Your sacred connection inside you is now ready for activation. As you lovingly reach up, they will lovingly reach down to help. This Bell Intell series delivers an activation of elevated consciousness for those who seek.