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The problem we have as content creators or independent journalists is the continued censorship and threats of removal from our platforms by the deep state. I created this section to be able to freely share topics that until now I have not been able to talk about. 

Our knowledge reaches where our beliefs end. The media molds us into a consumer system where we are always missing something or where we don't know what else is out there. The space is so large and mysterious that not even the richest can go out to see it. Many people independently are working to raise people's consciousness and make it known that the only technology to transcend is in our minds. Thoughts are things. 

Sam Bell Show: 

What does the Pope have to do it?

Video & description of my Extraterrestrial contact of the 5th kind at Black Rock Beach outside of Trujillo, Peru and arrival of Pope  Francis (born Jorge  Mario  Bergoglio) 

Dani Henderson Interview 2

Donald Trump: 29 April 2024

Dani Henderson Interview 1

#UPDATE 28 December 2023

#UPDATE 18 November 2023

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#UPDATE 1 November 2023

Director's Comments:

Director's Comments:

Bell Intell

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With the special collaboration of Elena Danaan

"Samuel Bell is a spiritual Explorer and generous storyteller."

David A. Kaiser, Kaiser Neuromap Institute, develops normative EEG and DNT  neurofeedback protocols. 

Directly in front of you now is a powerful conscious tool to know yourself and your L POWER of love. Enjoying this initial season brings your surface consciousness to a profoundly touching meditation spot. Your sacred connection inside you is now ready for activation. As you lovingly reach up, they will lovingly reach down to help. This Bell Intell series delivers an activation of elevated consciousness for those who seek.